Sunday, January 31, 2010

Craft Time

So for the past few weekends I have been trying to be more productive/craft oriented. I figured the winter time is the best time to try and create things! I also recently received a lovely little care package from the best lady of all time.. thats right, my momma. So here are some photos of things I have been working on and some of my care package items!

Fell in love with the color of this yarn

Knitting the sleeve

The rest of the body I just knitted in the round... super easy pattern

I still haven't taken a final photo of the sweater. I promise to post that soon!

Here are some of my care package items. I have displayed a lot of the old sewing notions around my room, and I need to find a project for these beautiful embroideries! Some I want to keep just as napkins, maybe have a tea party with fine china and embroidered napkins?!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mel Kadel

One of my favorite Illustrators: Mel Kadel

loving the sun

Grand Ole Fort


Carrying the Load

Drip Drip

coal and ivory